Map-Tool: Create and design your own Maps for free

Maps are a great format to explain countless themes and topics. You could describe a trip, an incident happening in a remote region or an educational topic. Maps are more than just travel. They help us understand complex issues, statistical data and difficult stories. Maps are thousands of years old and have been used throughout the world. The emergence of the web has helped to spread maps around the world. However, complex legal issues (copyrights) made it hard for people to fully take advantage of that. Map Tools are still rare, at least when it comes to those which are easy to use and don't have endless terms and conditions attached. Editing a map can be done with map software or other map design tools. These are often expensive and require technical and graphical expert skills. The easiest way to create a map is a map tool called StepMap. It's an online map design tool that doesn't ask you to install or download anything. It's for free and very easy to use.

Is it really free? What's the best free Map Tool?

There are countless map editors. Many of them exist as software (either on CD or to download). Also, everyone knows Google Maps but it doesn't allow you to easily personalize it. Our recommendation is a simple online map tool called StepMap. It covers all country maps, a world map and also regional maps. It's free of charge and doesn't require you to be an expert in terms of technology or graphic design. The editor is based on the 6 main aspects of map design (map area, city locations, lines, icons, images, descriptions). It doesn't require any downloads or plugins. You can use it in your browser after signing up for free. It offers thousands of custom maps plus a zoom-feature that allows you to create your very own map area from scratch. The examples below show a selection of maps that have been designed with the map tool.

Selection of map examples

Asia Map
StepMapAsia Map

The first map shows Asian countries and cities. It's a rather simple map with the border outlines and land/water areas.

European Countries and Capital Cities
StepMapEuropean Countries and Capital Cities

The second map Europe's capital cities. It's based on a personal design (colors, locations, images...) and has been created with the free map editor by StepMap.

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